<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Chen Style Taijiquan Notepad</title> <meta name="keywords" content="martial art, exercise, gongfu, kungfu, taijiquan, tai ji quan, tai chi chuan, tai chi, push hands, qinna, chen style, chenjiagou, wangting, fake, zhaokui, xiaowang, zhenglei, wang xi'an, zhu tiancai, jan silberstorff, christoph david weinmann> <meta name="description" content="This page contains commented weblinks and other sources, such as videos and books, on Chen style taijiquan. It assists your navigation in chenspace. Only links to websites with substantial content are included."> <meta http-equiv="reply-to" content="weinmann@163.com"> <meta name="author" content="weinmann@163.com"> </head> <BODY bgcolor="#daa520" text="#000000" link="#228b22" alink="#ff0000" vlink="#800080"> <basefont size="3"> <a name="top"></a> <h1 align="center">Chen Style Taijiquan Notepad</h1> <div align="center"><img src="tjt.gif"><img src="yy.gif"></div> <hr align="center" width=75%> <blockquote> <a name="ddj"></a> "In the world there is nothing more submissive and weak than water. Yet for attacking that which is hard and strong nothing can surpass it. This is because there is nothing that can take its place." In: <em>Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching</em>, Book Two, LXXVIII, p.186; as <a href="chinese.htm#ddj-tr">translated</a> by D.C. Lau.<p> <p>"Nothing under heaven is softer or more yielding than water; but when it attacks things hard and resistant there is not one of them that can prevail. For they can find no way of altering it." In: <em>Laozi</em>, Chapter 78, p.159; as <a href="chinese.htm#ddj-tr">translated</a> by Arthur Waley.<p> "Under Heaven there is nothing softer and weaker than water, yet for attacking the hard and stiff, nothing can surpass it; this is because there is nothing that can easily replace it." In: <em>The Gate of All Marvelous Things. A Guide to Reading the Tao Te Qing</em>, Chapter 78, p.145; as <a href="chinese.htm#ddj-tr">translated</a> by Gregory C. Richter.<p> </Blockquote> <hr align="center" width=75%> <h2 align="center">What you may find on this site</h2> <ol type=A><strong> <li><a href="web.htm">Web sources</a> on Chen style taijiquan that you may find, or not, worthwhile <li>Information on a few <a href="videos.htm">videos</a> and <a href="streams.htm">streams</a> on Chen style taijiquan <li>Information on <a href="material.htm">other material</a> (mainly books) on Chen style taijiquan <li>Something on <a href="conduct.htm">conduct and ethics</a> of the Chen family <li>A <a href="glossary.htm">beginner's glossary</a> for quick reference on Chen style taijiquan <li>Some <a href="chinese.htm">Chinese characters</a> from the glossary <li>A reference chart on <a href="lineage.htm">Chen style lineage</a> in case you are looking for teachers <li>A <a href="#thanks">thank you</a> for visiting my page <li>A <a href="#disclaim">disclaimer</a> so you won't sue me when you break a leg <li><a href="#acknowlege">Acknowledgements</a> </strong></ol> The diverse web sources and other materials refered to on this site are commented so as to facilitate your navigation both to and on virtual Chen style sites ("chenspace", if you will), and in corporeal bookstores or shops. In case you are unhappy that I only focus on Chen style taijiquan, let me explain: This is not a <a href="http://www.literati-tradition.com/chen_camp.html">partisan issue</a>, but related to the fact that I know very little about other styles and do not feel qualified to comment. In fact, I already feel quite overwhelmed with trying to understand Chen style.<p> Anyway, remember that the frames you will meet on these web sites have nothing to do with the taijiquan frames, styles, and routines you wish to become more acquainted with, and every single <a href="http://member.aol.com/zhengx/ma/tjstance.htm">stance exercise</a> may take you further than surfing to the remotest places on the web.<p> Do not expect any spectacular graphics on this site. I wish to keep the site accessible to people with slower processors, less RAM, worse phone lines, and bad online services, too. There are links to other sites with nice graphics, though.<p> It is my intent to only refer to material and sites that provide topical value-added. There are already a couple of good sites that provide you with many taijiquan links. See, for example, <a href="web.htm#scheele">Sheele's site</a>. Thus, you will not find each and every taijiquan page that haunts the world wide web on this location. Please also note that (the few) links to commercial sites from my pages are not remunerated, e.g. via click trade. I am only including such links where I find the site provides some interesting content.<p> <a name="copy"></a> Last not least, infringement of <a href="http://www.wipo.int/clea/docs/en/wo/wo001en.htm">copyrights</a> is not supported by this webpage. Direct copying and pasting of original Chen style sources to the detriment of the respective authors, which I have actually run across recently (2003) will not occur. If you are under the impression that any source provided or any quotation on this page violates existing rights, and/ or is not covered by <a href="http://www.templetons.com/brad/copymyths.html">fair use</a>, kindly bring that to my attention so I may correct it.<p> <hr align="center" width=75%> <div align="center"><img src="jgdd.gif"></div> <a name="jgdd pic"></a> <blockquote>Jin gang dao dui: <a href="glossary.htm#jgdd txt">Buddha's Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar</a> - one of over 10 self-defense applications from the movement as described by Ma Hong. Taken from <em>Self defense applications of "Pounding the Mortar",</em> p.106, in: Jan Silberstorff (ed. for Europe), <em>The best of "The Chen-Style Taijiquan Journal", 1993-1995</em>, pp.102-108.; originally in <em>The Chen-Style Taijiquan Journal Vol. 1 (6)</em>, Dec. 1993. As pointed out to me by <a href="http://kraanvogel.vinden.nl">Roel Jansen</a>, a Dutch author on tajiquan, the real original is Ma Hong's <strong>Chen Shi Taijiquan Jijifa</strong>, ISBN 7-5009-1325-7/G.1229, fig.7 on p.7 in the 2001 edition. </Blockquote> <hr align="center" width=75%> <p> <a href="#top">Back to top</a> <a href="web.htm">Web sources</a> <a href="videos.htm">Videos</a> <a href="streams.htm">Streams</a> <a href="material.htm">Other material</a> <a href="conduct.htm">Conduct</a> <a href="glossary.htm">Glossary</a> <a href="chinese.htm">Chinese</a> <a href="lineage.htm">Lineage</a> <hr align="center" width=90%> <a name="thanks"></a> <h3>Thank you for visiting my page</h3> I originally created this site in order to acquaint myself a little with basic <a href="http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/">HTML</a>. (Note: Some of the code used may be obsolete in the meantime, but the webpage should nevertheless remain legible. If there is any problem, do let me know so I have a chance to fix it.) It may be interesting for you, however, to check some of the materials and sources on Chen style taijiquan that I have come across. I will henceforth use this platform as my own notepad - as suggested in the title. This way the benefit may remain mutual. If you have any links to recommend, or any other comments, please send an email to <em><a href="mailto:weinmann@163.com">Christoph David Weinmann</a></em>. <p> <a name="disclaim"></a> <h3>Disclaimer</h3> As I am only a part-time student of Chen style taijiquan, do not expect to find anything highly authorative on Chen style taijiquan here since my competency in surfing the web (and even that is not well developed) most probably still exceeds my knowledge of taijiquan. It is the understanding of the latter I wish to deepen, though.<p> If the URLs change, one or another link may not work. I do not have the time to constantly check and review them. A date in brackets following a link indicates when I ran over or last hit the site concerned via this specific URL.<p> <em>Created:</em> November 1998 under http://pages.whowhere.com/community/weinmann.<p> <em>Migrated:</em> August 2000 to http://cdweinmann.tripod.com.<p> <em>Last content addition or change:</em> 2017-02-18.<p> <a name="acknowlege"></a> <h3>Acknowlegements</h3> Thanks to my wife <em>Lingyue</em> and our daughters <em>Albina Sirui</em> and <em>Ivera Sihui</em> for tolerating a husband and father who wanders off before dawn to practice taijiquan. Thanks as well to my firstborn daughter <em>Ligia Adriana</em> for having been responsible enough when home alone while I was off for practicing in the park or elsewhere when she was younger and still living with me.<p> My first taijiquan instructor <em>Ralf zum Felde</em> in <a href="http://www.hamburg.de/fhh/international/englisch/index.htm">Hamburg</a>, a student of <a href="http://www.wctag.de/familie.html">Jan Silberstorff</a>, was not only very knowledgeable and patient when I was asking questions, but his stimulating classes encouraged me look around the internet and elsewhere to seek more on Chen style taijiquan. My second instructor <em>Zhang Shuqiang</em> in <a href="http://www.beijing.gov.cn/english/whatlast.asp">Beijing</a>, a student of Tian Xiuchen and Li Peixiang, was very kind to have offered to teach me despite my limited skills, and this probably would have never occured had not Shi Chongsong kindly invited me, in perfect English, to come over to meet him while I was looking for a nice spot to practice in a local park. I am also grateful to Wang Yanxia, one of the many earlybirds in Temple of Heaven Park, whose continuous interest in and questions about Chen style taijiquan during 2008 gave me ample opportunity to review my still rather limited knowledge and refine my own practice.<p> <hr align="center" width=75%> <hr align="center" width=75%> <p> <hr align="center" width=90%> <a href="#top">Back to top</a> <a href="web.htm">Web sources</a> <a href="videos.htm">Videos</a> <a href="streams.htm">Streams</a> <a href="material.htm">Other material</a> <a href="conduct.htm">Conduct</a> <a href="glossary.htm">Glossary</a> <a href="chinese.htm">Chinese</a> <a href="lineage.htm">Lineage</a> <p> <center>This site is a</center><p> <center><a href="http://www.dragonslist.com"> <img src="http://www.dragonslist.com/images/dl_feat.gif" alt "The Dragon's List" width=180 height=41 border=0> </a> </center> <p> <hr align="center" width=90%> <center>Copyright (All Rights Reserved) 1998-2018 by Christoph David Weinmann.<p></center> Visits since 2016-08-28: <p> <!-- Site Meter --> <a href="http://s30.sitemeter.com/stats.asp?site=s30ChenStyle-TJQ-Notepad" target="_top"> <img src="http://s30.sitemeter.com/meter.asp?site=s30ChenStyle-TJQ-Notepad" alt="Site Meter" border="0"/></a> <!-- Copyright (c)2009 Site Meter --> <p> </BODY> </html>
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