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Only links to websites with substantial content are included."> <meta http-equiv="reply-to" content="weinmann@163.com"> <meta name="author" content="weinmann@163.com"> </head> <BODY bgcolor="#daa520" text="#000000" link="#228b22" alink="#ff0000" vlink="#800080"> <basefont size="3"> <a name="top"></a> <hr align="center" width=50%> <h2 align="center">What else you may find on this site, besides the <a href="#code">code of conduct</a> below</h2> <ol type=A> <li>The <a href="index.htm">home page</a>, i.e. the entry to my Chen style taijiquan notepad <li>Some <a href="web.htm">web sources</a> on Chen style taijiquan that you may find, or not, worthwhile <li>Information on a few <a href="videos.htm">videos</a> and <a href="streams.htm">streams</a> on Chen style taijiquan <li>Information on <a href="material.htm">other material</a> (mainly books) on Chen style taijiquan <li>A <a href="glossary.htm">beginner's glossary</a> for quick reference on Chen style taijiquan <li>Some <a href="chinese.htm">Chinese characters</a> from the glossary <li>A reference chart on <a href="lineage.htm">Chen style lineage</a> in case you are looking for teachers <li>A <a href="index.htm#thanks">thank you</a> for visiting my page <li>A <a href="index.htm#disclaim">disclaimer</a> so you won't sue me when you break a leg </ol> <hr align="center" width=75%> <div align="center"><img src="xin264a.gif"></div> <blockquote>This is a position in preparation for a powerful <a href="glossary.htm#kick txt">Kick with right (or left) heel</a></em>, as taken from <em><a href="material.htm#xin">Chen Shi Taijiquan Tushuo</a></em> (Illustrated Explanation to Chen Family Taijiquan), 1933/1995: p.264, by Chen Xin. <a name="kick pic"></a></Blockquote> <hr align="center" width=75%> <a href="#top">Back to top</a> <a href="index.htm">Home</a> <a href="web.htm">Web sources</a> <a href="videos.htm">Videos</a> <a href="streams.htm">Streams</a> <a href="material.htm">Other material</a> <a href="glossary.htm">Glossary</a> <a href="chinese.htm">Chinese</a> <a href="lineage.htm">Lineage</a> <hr align="center" width=90%> <a name="code"></a> <h2 align="center">Code of conduct in Chen style taijiquan</h2> I have found that martial art related websites rarely point to questions of ethics or conduct. It is similar to what one encounters in average schools of martial arts where scant reference is being made to goals of a higher order, and when, then mainly to dilute suspicions of concerned parents. Certainly, with taijiquan, the powerful martial ability of which it takes much longer to develop than in other martial art systems, and the health benefits of which make it more interesting for other peer groups than prospective juvenile (or adult) delinquents, I have never heard of any problems. (In fact, some enthusiasts limit their martial skills by talking too much and neglecting practice.) <p> Nonetheless, in a world where a perceived increasing complexity of "globalization" seems to disorientate individuals, where social exclusion has become an increasingly burning issue, and money is overtly earned thriving on the exploitation of basic human instincts, it may be worthwhile to pause and stop to think about codes of conduct, even if they are rooted in traditions which may not reflect the realities of our modern times. <p> Hence, I invite you to take a look at the following elements of Chen style conduct. (I have not taken note of these elements as being hyperactively disseminated in the Chen style system. Therefore, I do not fear that reproducing these ideas risks turning this martial art a martial "belief" or "religion".) <p> <hr align="center" width=90%> <a name="song"></a> <h3>Excerpts from "The Song of Remembrance" of Chen Wangting</h3> <blockquote> I sigh to think of those years, wearing armor with a lance in my hand. We swept away countless enemies, several times in mortal danger. I was rewarded with honors, all to no avail.<p> (...)<p> When I am depressed I practice boxing routines, during my busy times I plow the fields. (...)<p> People say that I am foolish and that I am seedy, I hear this but I don't take it to heart. I laugh at the people and nobles fussing about anxiously, not like me keeping in good spirits and staying calm. I don't covet fame or profit. Having been involved in affairs, I understand trickery. I understand the illusionary nature of life. (...)<p> Suppose there was a world where peace and health prevailed, tranquility and simplicity would be commonplace. There would be no hatred and no want. I don't care that others look down on poverty, I am not concerned about success or failure. If I am not already an immortal, then who is? </Blockquote> [<a href="#top">top</a>]<p> <hr align="center" width=90%> <h3>"Requirements of Character" of the Chen Family Code of Ethics</h3> <ul> <li>Propriety, dignity of bearing (duan) <li>Fairness, impartiality (gong) <li>Kindness, benevolence (ren) <li>Nobility, broad mindedness (hao) <li>Loyalty, faithfulness (zhong) <li>Honesty, sincerety (cheng) <li>Respect, esteem for one's teachers and elders (jing) <li>Integrity, decency (zheng) <li>Righteousness, what is right (yi) <li>Bravery, ready to fight for a just cause (yong) <li>Trustworthyness, good faith (xin) <li>Morality, ethical conduct (de) </ul> [<a href="#top">top</a>]<p> <hr align="center" width=90%> <h3>The "Twenty Prohibitions" of the Chen Family Code of Ethics</h3> <ol> <li>Do not rely on a position of authority to bully others. <li>Do not defer to the strong out of fear or insult the weak. <li>Do not fear for oneself, come to the aid of others in danger. <li>Do not commit crimes. <li>Do not rely on your gongfu skills to fight with others. <li>Do not take advantage of a superior position to become arrogant. <li>Do not sell your art on the street. <li>Do not travel here and there to set up a clique. <li>Do not wallow in luxury, or live a pauper's existence. <li>Do not be prideful or self-satisfied. <li>Do not get into arguments with a crazy or violent person. <li>Do not contend with the ignorant. <li>Do not be proud toward the poor or fawn on the rich. <li>Do not hanker after ill-gotten gains. <li>Do not have anything to do with drinking or prostitution. <li>Do not refuse to pay any public or private obligations. <li>Do not use public office for personal ends. <li>Do not pursue the trappings of high office or a handsome salary. <li>Do not betray your country or be a rotter. <li>Do not slack off and waste your time by not practicing. </ol> [<a href="#top">top</a>]<p> <hr align="center" width=75%> All of the above has been taken from Chen Zhenglei's <a href="material.htm#czl-e">Chenjiagou Chen Style Taijiquan</a>, English translation, 1998, pp.4, 8-9. It is the only English source I know on this topic, and there is more there than what has been quoted here. <hr align="center" width=75%> <hr align="center" width=90%> <a href="#top">Back to top</a> <a href="index.htm">Home</a> <a href="web.htm">Web sources</a> <a href="videos.htm">Videos</a> <a href="streams.htm">Streams</a> <a href="material.htm">Other material</a> <a href="glossary.htm">Glossary</a> <a href="chinese.htm">Chinese</a> <a href="lineage.htm">Lineage</a> <hr align="center" width=90%> <center>Copyright (All Rights Reserved) 1998-2018 by Christoph David Weinmann.<p></center> Visits since 1999-08-01: <p> <!-- Site Meter --> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://s21.sitemeter.com/js/counter.js?site=notepadmeter"> </script> <noscript> <a href="http://s21.sitemeter.com/stats.asp?site=notepadmeter" target="_top"> <img src="http://s21.sitemeter.com/meter.asp?site=notepadmeter" alt="Site Meter" border="0"/></a> </noscript> <!-- Copyright (c)2006 Site Meter --> <p> </BODY> </html>
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